The West Florida Wheelmen have weekly rides that cater to all abilities!  Come out & join us!
Saturday Pensacola ‘In City’ Ride: 7a.  Alternates among our “Circle of Rides”, with the upcoming selection posted on our web page calendar by David Mayo. Usually has A and B options, see ride description for the week for more details.
Saturday Blackwater ‘In the Country’ Ride: 8a.    Ride in the beautiful Blackwater State Forest! Starts from the Blackwater Heritage Trail (a Rails to Trails Park) parking lot at Stewart St. and Highway 90 in Milton, right next to Truly Spokin’ Bicycles. Various routes are planned each week by David Murphy and posted on the Blackwater Cycling Facebook page. Includes A, B, C, and sometimes even more groups doing the same route so no one gets left behind.

Ride distances are approximate. Some riders only do portions of the longer rides. We stop every 20-25 miles for rest stops and ensure all riders are safe. We try to ensure all riders know the route and wait at turns for all to re-group.  Our goal is to provide rides for all levels of riders and their various desires for pace and distance.   Don’t forget that helmets are mandatory on all WFW club rides.

RIDE PACES: Average speed of a completed ride

  • Very Fast: 25+ MPH
  • Fast-Very Fast: 22-25 MPH
  • Fast: 21-22 MPH
  • Moderate-Fast: 18-21 MPH
  • Moderate: 17-18 MPH
  • Slow-Moderate: 15-17 MPH
  • Slow: less then 15 MPH

Below are some of our common routes. See the ride calendar for upcoming rides.

Click on any of the links to view the route maps


In CitySaturday Routes   (We have 2 different start locations depending on the route)

From Summit Blvd. & Jerry Maygarden Rd. – the old fire station parking lot is across the street (2750 Summit Blvd.) for plenty of parking

  • Around the Bay – 58miler. We consider this epic loop around Escambia Bay our crown jewel of routes!   Rest stops –  22.5m Tom Thumb (Hamilton Bridge & Glover) / 42.7m Circle K (Gulf Breeze Pkwy. & Green Brier Pkwy)
  • Around the Bay Short Route – 53miler. A nice variation on this awesome route.  Rest stops – 24.5m Raceway (Avalon just before I-10) and Circle K in Gulf Breeze
  • Beulah Land Beauty – 62miler (metric century). A lovely ride around the quiet country environs of Beulah which also inc. the great run into Hurst Hammock!    2 rest stops at Beulah Rd & 90 then at Blue Angel & Dog Track Rd. included.   No Drop Ride.  B group can shave off 6 miles by turning onto Lillian Hwy (off of Blue Angel) and coming home down Jackson.
  • Circle the City – 45miler.   This grand loop does exactly what it implies (aka, ‘3 Amigos’, ‘Pcola Super Loop’).    Rest stop – 26.7m Tom Thumb (Blue Angel & Dog Track Rd.)        B route – 31miler.  Turns left on Mobile Hwy to take short cut back
  • Hill Too Far – A beautiful metric century loop to Molino (65miler), over to Barrineau Park School Rd, down the new asphalt on the hills of Jacks Branch Rd. and Hwy 97.  An epic ride for sure! Rest stops – 28.6m Tom Thumb (Hwy. 97 & Hwy 29) / 41.6m Quick Fill store (Jacks Branch & Muscogee Rd.)
  • Hill Too Far B Route /aka ‘Loop Around the Mill’ – 42miler.   Instead of continuing north to Molino, B’s make a left on Muscogee Rd (at the paper mill), then left down 97.  Rest stop 19m  Circle K (Hwy. 29 & Muscogee Rd)
  • Hurst Hammock – 51miler.  One of group’s favs!!  Going down the secluded road to this little hidden village by the bay is one of the best cycling roads around!        B Route – 36miler.    A shorter version out to Beulah and back.  Rest stop – 18.5m Tom Thumb (Beulah Rd & 9 Mile Rd)
  • Pine Forest Loop – 39miler. A nice loop over to Bellview and Pine Forest.   Rest stop – 21.5m Racetrack store (Pine Forest & Interstate Cir.)  Sometimes Starbucks!
  • Santa Rosa Loop – 53miler.  A terrific tour of N. Santa Rosa county!  We’ll make our way over to Hamilton Bridge Rd, then north on Glover Ln, to Willard Norris and down Chumuckla Hwy/Woodbine.   Rest stops – 22m Tom Thumb (Hamilton Bridge & Glover) plus 36.2 Tom Thumb (Woodbine & Chumuckla Hwy)
  • Something Different  –  46miler.    Meander through the city to Perdido Bay on this new route for 2021.  Cruise past Osceola Golf Course and the Country Club.  Rest stop at the Tom Thumb on Blue Angel and Lillian Hwy. (4 bayous, 3 bays, 2 golf courses & 1 great time!)
  • UWF/Scenic Hills – 30miler.  While it may be on the shorter side, you’ll make up for it with a decent hill climbing workout. Rest stop – 18.3m Six Kids Deli Store (Greenbrier & Guidy Ln.)


From Bagelheads – 916 E. Gregory St. (just west of the ‘3 Mile’ Bay Bridge).  Meet in the street behind the restaurant.

  • Around the Sound – 56miler.  Awesome loop going through Gulf Breeze, Midway (hugging the Intercoastal Sound), over the Navarre Beach bridge and down the scenic beach road to Pcola Beach!   Rest stop – 32m Tom Thumb in Navarre Beach.        B group:  37miler.   This follows the same route but turns around at Mile 21 at the Tom Thumb rest stop on Nantahala Beach Rd and 98.
  • Fort Pickens – 41miler.   This Out-n-back offers world class scenery!  Over both bridges (completely safe) and down the beach road with the Gulf on one side and the Bay on the other…unbeatable!!  Rest stops – 20m by the fishing pier at the Fort & also the Tom Thumb on the Beach (29m).
  • Innerarity Point Loop – 49miler. An excellent scenic ride out to the end of Innerarity Point Rd.  Rest stops –  20m Circle K (Sorrento & Gulf Beach Hwy) / 36m Thrift store (Gulf Beach & Sorrento…the east end).    B Group –  37miler    The B route is the same as the A’s but is made 11 miles shorter by taking a left on Gulf Beach Hwy. instead of a right and going out to Innerarity Point.  Rest stop is 17.5m Tom Thumb (Bauer & Sorrento).
  • Lillian Loop – 47miler.   A  great ride to the quiet country roads of Lillian, Ala.  Rest stops – 16m Tom Thumb on 98 just over the bridge & 34.5m Tom Thumb (98 & Bauer Rd).

          B Group – 29miler.    Instead of turning right on 98 from Lillian Hwy. as the A’s will do, the B’s will continue straight onto Dog Track Rd.   Rest stop at Tom Thumb on Dog Track & Blue Angel.   Can reduce another 4miles by staying on Dog Track to Gulf Beach Hwy.

  • Lost Key Loop – 46miler. Perdido Key here we come!  A fine ride out and around the Lost Key Resort.   Rest stops – 20m Circle K on Sorrento before going over the bridge and 33m at Thrift store on Gulf Beach Hwy. and Sorrento     B Group – 38miler.    Instead of turning right on Gulf Beach Hwy from Bauer as the A’s will do, the B’s will turn left on Gulf Beach to head back.   Rest stop at Tom Thumb  on Dog Track & Blue Angel.


In the CountrySaturday Routes (Blackwater River State Forest area in N. Milton)

From the Blackwater Heritage Trail next to Truly Spokin bike shop in Milton –  5172 Stewart St.

The ride has been a staple of the area for 18+ years and counting with anywhere from 20 to 50 riders on any given Saturday.  There are 7 convenience stores located 15 to 28 miles from the Trail head start/finish.   One of these stores is the usual Saturday destination.  The distance of the ride will vary from 42 to 55+ miles and is typically posted by Thursday afternoon before the ride. The pace varies as well. You can typically expect 2 to 3 groups of riders with a Blackwater pace scale as follows:
       A group – Riding speeds of 22 to 30mph with a finishing moving average of 22+
       B group –  Typical riding speeds are 18 to 24mph with a finished moving average of 18.5  to 20.5
       C group and lower – riding speeds depends the company, anticipate riding speeds of 15 to 20 with finishing avg. of 16-17mph.
The destination varies each Saturday and is typically posted on the Blackwater Cycling Facebook page.  For more info, contact David Murphy at


Afternoon Rides   (Mon/Wed only during the Daylight Savings Time period)

  • Monday Meander5:30pm    The maximum pace is 15-16 mph and the course is a 7 mile lap around the Pcola Airport.  Three laps as a group are available.   Come on out for a casual nearly flat ride!  Great for beginners or those wanting a slow recovery ride.  The start is from the Truly Spokin Pensacola location (6103 Tippin Ave.).  Does NOT take place Nov-Feb.
  • Tuesday –  6pm   Taco Tuesday  Start/End from Ride More Bicycles (59 E. Gregory St.).   Enjoy the full and fun 30 miler from RMB or drop in .  Moderate pace.  No drop ride.
  • Wednesday – 22miler.  5:30pm    All Abilities are welcome!!!    Meet in the big parking lot behind WSRE on College Blvd. just 200 yds. from 12th Ave.   A and B Groups available.   A group is fast (20mph+), B not as fast (16-19mph) and is a ‘no drop’ ride!  Does NOT take place Nov-Feb.
  • Thursday Nite Lites – 32miler.   6pm    Solid B Group Ride!!!    Meet at the Trek Store (701 E. Cervantes St.)  Front/rear lights are mandatory.  No Drop ride
  • Sunday – 30miler.   2pm  (NOT during June/July/Aug)     ‘NAS Back Gate Loop’.  Start/Finish from Bayview Park – tennis courts parking lot (2157 E.  Mallory St.)   Head out to the west side via Jackson and Lillian Hwy. then left on Blue Angel to the NAS Back gate and back on Gulf Beach Hwy.


Special Rides

  • Memorial Day / July 4th / Labor Day / Veteran’s Day Ride –   Start/End:  Veterans Park (200 S. 10th Ave.)  3 Ride Groups…all starting at 6:30a! The A group will do the fun Lillian Loop (48 miles) which makes a nice loop to the quiet environs of Lillian and at the end make a slow roll through Veterans Park and see the great memorials honoring our heroic veterans.  Moderate to fast Pace.  2  brief rest stops.  No Drop Ride.  A group map:   View Route   B group is 26 miles. Moderate pace 16-18mph.  Instead of turning right onto Hwy 98 off of Lillian Hwy. the B group will continue straight onto Dog Track Rd. and follow the rest of Route the A’s will do.  Rest stop:  Tom Thumb on Dog Track and Blue Angel.   View Route  C group is 19 miles.  Slow to moderate pace 13-16.  Rest stop:  Shell station on Fairfield and Gulf Beach Hwy.  View Route
  • Thanksgiving Day  –   Start/End for both groups:  Walmart Neighborhood Market –  6670 Mobile Hwy.  Join us for 2 great route options on our Thanksgiving Day Appetite Enhancement Rides!!  7a start for both groups…A group 53miles –  “Snake Rd. Loop”  Legend has it someone a long time ago saw a big snake on this route so thus the nickname.  View RouteB group 27miles  –  Hurst Hammock here we come!! Rest Stop at the Tom Thumb on 90 & Beulah Rd. (mile 11.5)  View Route
  • Ft. Pickens Full Moon/Sunset Rides: Starts approx. 45min. prior to sunset.  Almost every month we do a ride to Ft. Pickens from the Park West (soundside parking lot). The ride usually coincides with a full moon so we can enjoy the sunset on the way to the Fort and the full moon on the way back. For riders of all levels, including kids, and riding anything from beach cruisers to road bikes. See web page rides calendar for announcements and details. Bring your lights and reflective clothing. 14 miles.
  • Annual Battleship Century Ride – 102miler.  2nd Saturday of February – 7am     This fully supported out-n-back ride to the USS Alabama. There is a ‘Half-Century’ option as well!  (56miler…turns around at the mile28 rest stop.  3 Rest stops along the way w/ snacks & drinks.   A & B groups for both the Century and Half-Century.  Moderate to fast pace.    Start/End – Gateway Baptist Church  6800 Mobile Hwy., Pensacola.
  • Harland’s Hill Workout – 20miles & 2000 ft. of climbing – all along Scenic Hwy!!!  Repeat right and left forks in Bohemia 4-5 times while in that neighborhood. You will wind up with 10 miles and 1000’ of climbing for the entire loop.   Do this twice for 2000 ft!  Many U turns involved so BE CAREFUL!
  • Six Gap Century/Three Gap Fifty – The Six Gap Century’s ultra challenging route takes you up and down six of the steepest climbs in the North Georgia Mountains (last weekend of September – Dahlonega, GA).  Test your stamina with more than 11,200 feet of vertical climbing over the 104 mile course.