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2021 Sponsorship Application

2020 was a fantastic year for the West Florida Wheelmen Cycling Club. This year, we finished with 225 members. We now host rides throughout the week catering to members just getting started (or reacquainted) on a bike to all the way thru hard-core cyclists. It’s exciting to see both new and seasoned Wheelmen participating in various rides and social events. Our members continue to be active at various cycling events across the Gulf Coast and throughout the Southeast. In addition to sponsoring locally the annual Ride of Silence which continues to be one of the largest attended events across the US, WFW Club supported the Pensacola Cycling Classic benefiting the Paralyzed Racing Veterans Association, Fenner McConnell/Matt Wantz benefiting Big Brothers/Big Sisters and rides hosted by Don Davis benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.

In 2020, WFW Club will continue to provide various social and fitness road rides throughout the week. Our intention is to see continued membership growth and even a larger presence in the local community. We plan to place a large kit order in March.   As a current or prospective advertiser, you have hopefully seen riders wearing kits with your logos on a regular basis on rides all over town.  In addition, you can visit our www.westfloridawheelmen.org and/or facebook.com/westfloridawheelmen.

We hope you are interested in partnering with the West Florida Wheelmen club in 2021.  Your sponsorship will provide recognition on our ride jersey as well as on all printed promotional materials, posters, ride brochures, social events and website. We will continue to promote our sponsors via weekly email blasts and at events throughout the year.  Your sponsorship enables the WFW to promote cycling throughout the Gulf Coast.

Please refer to the enclosed packet to determine which level of support best represents your personal or corporate needs.  Thank you for your support of local cycling in Pensacola.  We look forward to the continued growth and prosperity of your business, the West Florida Wheelmen and the Gulf Coast cycling community in 2020.

Very Respectfully,

West Florida Wheelmen Board